Consulting Services

Bar / Restaurant

Turner Bartending offers consulting services to businesses in the hospitality industry. We are able to assist in opening a new facility, or providing solutions to existing ones.

Our primary goal is to transform your establishment into a successful business by providing services for bar management, front of house training and staffing, as well as finances and inventory.

Our promise to you is that we will be able to design an ergonomic bar, elevate your food and beverage menus, and educate your staff to ensure the continued success of your business.

Turner Bartending guarantees that our services can reduce overall costs, improve quality, and secure your business as one of the most profitable and competitive in the industry.

Why Hire Turner Bartending?

  • We provide solutions to weaknesses
  • Consulting is cost and time-efficient, while increasing profits
  • We are able to assist in increased customer satisfaction
  • Provide waste reduction and staff retention plans
  • Optimization of overall operations

Organization and Optimization

We can expertly organize your establishment in an ergonomic way, to improve employee comfort and increase productivity of staff. 
We recommend equipment, tools, and other components based on your requirements.

Menu Development

We have the ability to design custom menus for bars and restaurants alike, in an effort to provide innovative and fresh ideas which will set you apart from the competition. 
We assist in balancing the quality of products in relation to overall cost. 

Staff Training

We assist in training existing staff in accordance with new menus, and help select new staff if necessary, in an effort to implement higher service standards with a focus on increasing customer satisfaction.

Finances and Inventory

Profits are a result of controlling costs. We assist with inventory control, ensuring complete control over all aspects, so it is easy to see where your product goes. 

Follow up consulting is included in the overall price, to monitor performance. Get your free estimate now, and we will show you how easy it can be!