Berry Bourbon Affair

Here we have a nice little bourbon concoction.
We’ll call it the Berry Bourbon Affair, because my cocktail naming skills aren’t that great.

Made as follows:
1.5 oz. Bourbon (I used Michter’s Small Batch, obviously)
0.5 oz. Sweet Vermouth
0.5 oz. Fresh-squeezed Lime juice
0.5 oz. Simple Syrup (see notes)
0.25 oz. Egg Whites
0.5 oz. Strawberry Simple
Shake over ice
Strain into a chilled snifter

I enjoyed this one, but as my photographer is the Bourbon drinker, he drank it. The strawberry gave it a nice lift into the realm of refreshing, in my opinion, and the egg whites helped it to emulsify and it had a really good mouthfeel. Also, using Michter’s never hurts. 
**In retrospect, I should have cut the amount of simple, since the strawberry brought sugar with it. Maybe just do 0.75-1 oz. Strawberry simple and no ACTUAL simple next time. O_o

Hope you all make one at your house, because it really is worth a try, and the ingredients are all pretty common.

Enjoy, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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