Thirsty Thursday 10FEB2019

Another Sunday edition, thanks to my busy schedule!

Here are the recipes for the things we made. =]

Pomegranate Cocktail Foam
2 oz. Lemon Juice (maybe a little too much for the final product)
2 oz. Simple Syrup
6 oz. Egg Whites (or 4 egg whites if you use real eggs)
4 oz. Pomegranate Juice
2 oz. Pomegranate Liqueur

Alicia’s Request
1.5 oz. Orange Vodka
1.5 oz. Grenadine
0.75 oz. Blood Orange Liqueur
Top with Sprite

Build in wine glass over ice O_o
Garnish with an Orange Flag & some cherries

1.5 oz. Silver Tequila
0.33 oz. Creme de Mure
0.75 Lime Juice
0.33 oz. Agave
0.25 oz. Mezcal
5 dsh Habanero Bitters (optional)

Shake all ingredients over ice
Strain into a chilled coupe
Garnish with your Pomegranate Cocktail Foam

Tide Pod Special Request (Gain edition)
1.5 oz. Blue Curacao (chilled for best results)
1.5 oz. Half&Half (also chilled obviously)
Bomb some Sour Apple Pucker in there, to make it all mix and look like a Gain pod

Collins Bouquet
1.5 oz. Gin
0.5 oz. Simple Syrup
0.75 oz. Lemon
0.33 oz. Creme de Violette
2 drops. Orange Blossom Water

Stir over ice
Strain into chilled cocktail glass
Float lavender pods for garnish

Bramble Bush
1.5 oz. Peppercorn-infused vodka
0.5 oz. Lemon Juice
0.75 oz. Simple Syrup

Spritz Rocks glass heavily with Rose Water
Strain shaker contents over 1 large ice cube
Garnish with more peppercorns

See ya next time!!

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