Normandy, 2019

I was going to name this drink Invasion of Normandy, but decided not to, because that might make someone think they were going to drown in it or something. O_o
So, I named it like how movies do, when they are moving to different places, and how they put the year when they are doing flashbacks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ – seemed good at the time.

Normandy, 2019 belongs in the “Sour” family, I would say. It has a nice look about it, and a very fragrant personality.

Normandy, 2019
1.5 oz. Gin
0.75 oz. Licor 43
0.5 oz. Lemon Juice
0.5 oz. Lime Juice
0.75 oz. Honey Syrup

Build all ingredients over ice in a rocks glass

Review: This drink has all the right elements of sweetness and tart to fit into the sour category, as mentioned. That extra kick of Licor 43 mellows it out, and adds additional citrus notes without any extra “sourness.” I really just like Licor 43,  too. For fear of sounding like an ad, or something, it’s fine just on the rocks! For this actual cocktail, you could probably cut the lemon down to 0.25 oz. and throw in some limoncello, keeping with the citrus alcohol theme. You could also just add some Solerno to the mix, and get a little more orange flavor mixed in!

Enjoy. Let us know in the comments if you make one, or back over on Facebook.

See ya next time!
Photo Credit: Aryn Cotroneo

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