Hibiscus Margarita

The old standby! I have been making these for a minute, and I tend to try and get everyone to drink hibiscus simple. When someone asks what my “Signature cocktail” is, I don’t usually have an answer. I make all cocktails equally, but if I’m trying to make something familiar with a twist, the hibiscus margarita gets the job done. It gets a great response, and it has a unique flavor.

Here’s how we do it:

Hibiscus Margarita
Rim glass in hibiscus salt (grind up dried leaves and combine with salt)
1.5 oz. Silver Tequila
1 oz. Triple Sec
0.5-1 oz. Sour Mix (depending on how you like it)

Shake and strain over ice in your rimmed glass
Hibiscus simple to taste (usually about 0.75 oz.)

Notes: It obviously turns a rich purple color, so it’s good for fun events, and people who are used to drinking blue things or red are usually pleasantly surprised to see purple =p
The hibiscus simple that we make isn’t overly sweet. It retains its floral components and when added to a cocktail, imbues it with a bit of dryness, and a touch of sweet. Otherwise, this tastes like margaritas just like mama used to make.

Hibiscus is a good addition to a lot of your favorite things, and I have included the recipe we use, as well as a link to the hibiscus that I buy (the picture is the link.)

Hibiscus Simple
1 cup of water
3/4 cup Brown Sugar
1/2 cup of Dried Hibiscus

Put all ingredients in a pot
Bring to a boil
Turn down to a medium high heat for about 10 minutes
Strain into container
Be sure to press down on the leaves to get all the excess
Yields about 1.5 cups of syrup

*You don’t have to use brown sugar, I just like it. Feel free to adjust the ratios to make more or less simple.

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