Juniper #2

Since we took this photo, we have broken our Crown Royal glass. RIP, pretty glass.

This is my second juniper drink! It’s totally different than my last one, but definitely tastes GREAT!

Let’s just jump right into it, since I took 4 days to get it posted….. crazy week, and I just haven’t been totally motivated.

Juniper #2
1.5 oz. Juniper-infused Tequila
1 oz. Passion Fruit juice
1 oz. Lime Juice
0.25 oz. Green Chartreuse

Shake all
Strain into rocks glass over 1 large cube
Zest lime over top of cocktail

Notes: Very robust tastes. The crispness of the juniper goes really well with the tart flavors of Passion Fruit. The Chartreuse gives it that nice amount of zing, that doesn’t overwhelm any of the other parts, and helps round it out, overall.

I’m very proud of my juniper creations, and I look forward to sharing my next one with you in a few weeks! Sorry for the delays in posting. I’m always striving to get better about my social media presence, since it’s something I’ve never really been good at. Thanks for sticking it out with us!

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think about this cocktail, or if you make one, please share your experience here or on Facebook.

Enjoy! See ya next time! =]
Photo Credit: Aryn Cotroneo

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