The Polite Cut In

You ever been dancing, and someone wants to cut in with your partner? Maybe not… Well, have you SEEN someone do that?  This is like that.

Let’s say you’re boppin’ along having a great night, and you want something a little different. This would be where the Polite Cut In takes over your evening. lol

This is a nod to the Jungle Bird, we just wanted to swap a few things out and keep it interesting.

Here’s what happened —

The Polite Cut In 
1.5 oz. Aged Rum
0.75 oz. Braulio
1.5 oz. Pineapple Juice
0.5 oz. Lime Juice
0.75 oz. Brown Sugar Simple

Garnish with Pineapple fronds

Notes: The Braulio gives it a noticeable punch of bitterness, but it is balanced out with the sweetness from the pineapple and the brown sugar. It is something that can be enjoyed in this hot weather, that is for sure. Although, if you are not big on aged rum, you can swap it out for some Pineapple Rum, or if you make other things on our list, you might have some Pineapple-Infused Spiced Rum laying around, and that might be more up your alley. The casual drinker is also welcome to tone the Braulio down to 0.25-0.5 oz, depending on your tastes.

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think about this cocktail, or if you make one, please share your experience here or on Facebook.

Enjoy! See ya next time! =]
Photo Credit: Robbie Brindley

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