Tequila Coffeebird

It’s not a Mockingbird. It’s a coffeebird.

When I sat down to begin planning the September shoot, I really wanted to feature some coffee. I don’t normally work with coffee, so I wanted to step out of my comfort zone.

So, I went to the grocery store and bought some dark-roasted coffee beans and threw some of them into some tequila for 72 hours, and it turned out amazing! Coffee Tequila is my second-favorite tequila infusion right behind Juniper Tequila.

Here’s what we did with it —

Tequila Coffeebird
2 oz. Coffee-infused Tequila
0.75 oz. Averna
2 dsh Orange Bitters
Splash of Demerara Simple Syrup

Shake all ingredients over ice
Double strain, as coffee grounds are resilient
Place it into a rocks glass over 1 large cube
Garnish with some fancy orange and coffee beans

Notes: This is something you can drink anytime! The large cube keeps it just cold enough for people who like iced coffee, and the Averna gives it just the slightest smooth mouthfeel. The demerara is just like putting a little sugar in your coffee, and helps to balance the dark roasted coffee flavor, and the slight bitterness of the Averna.

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think about this cocktail, or if you make one, please share your experience here or on Facebook.

Enjoy! See ya next time! =]
Photo Credit: Robbie Brindley

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