About Us

Turner Bartending

Turner Bartending was founded in June 2018 by owner and manager Lucas Turner. His dream was to provide amazing, quality drinks with hand-made ingredients.

Turner Bartending provides industry-related services out of Central Arkansas, and even travels to parts of TX, TN, AL, MO, and MS.
Turner Bartending would be delighted to help you with whatever special event you may be planning! The staff at Turner Bartending is insured, and are all certified in the RServing alcohol safety program. We pride ourselves in being able to staff any size event, and providing quality, homemade ingredients to the cocktails served at your event.

Turner Bartending was created with one goal – to improve bartending in the surrounding areas. We accomplish our goal in the following ways —

We enter competitions to increase awareness of how people view bartenders, and cocktails in general. 

Recent Competitions
Lucas Turner — 14MAY2019
Wheated vs. Ryed
National Semifinals 
3rd place

Upcoming Competitions
Lucas Turner – 24SEP2019
Star of the Bar
Best in Arkansas

The community is important. We work with various organizations to provide services for their events. 

We have currently worked with the following organizations — 



We attempt to enrich the surrounding area by providing top notch bartending and related services to those around us. We do a weekly live stream and upload cocktail images and recipes often, in an effort to enlighten those around us and let others know about the greatness of the cocktail renaissance!