Bartender Education

If you, or someone you know wants to become a bartender, we offer a definitive course on a variety of subjects. There is no certificate, as we are not certifying anyone, merely passing on the knowledge necessary to do a job, and do it well.

This is NOT a flair bartending course. It is a skills-based education.

Definitely willing to teach different topics, and go over anything you personally want to learn. Contact me today!

You are more than welcome to pay through paypal, if you have it, as well. =]

Course Topics

  • Types of glassware
  • History of drinks
  • How to properly craft garnishes
  • Classic cocktail creation
  • Proper bar layout and setup
  • Applicable bar tools
  • Pouring
  • Ways to build drinks
  • Mixology building blocks
  • Types of drinks
  • Upselling
  • Brand knowledge
  • Quality of alcohol
  • Personal responsibility
  • Advanced topics
  • Personal development
  • Skills labs
  • Hands-on training and knowledge