destDestiny is one of our newest members, but she deserves it! She is engaging, entertaining, and always steps up to the bar ready to make your day. She has done her fair share of working in the hospitality industry as a server. Now, she is ready to make her mark on the world by churning out beautiful, accurate cocktails. She is learning fast, and we couldn’t be happier to have her. You’ll be pleased when she shows up at your next event! Make sure you look down, because we’re pretty sure she’s legally a Hobbit.

When not behind the bar, Destiny makes legitimate art. Murals, lamps, t-shirts, and she channels that creativity into her drinks, which is radical!
She loves Harry Potter and Disney, and we don’t blame her. =p
As she is a pirate, Destiny’s favorite drink is rum in a cup.
Her favorite animal is monkeys. Not apes.