Turner is a United Stselfates Navy veteran with a passion for crafting drinks. During his time in the Navy, he was a Korean Linguist, and after his contract ended, he eventually found his way to Salt Lake City, Utah and worked with some of the best bartenders in the state in an attempt to master craft cocktails. He has undergone extensive research into the spirits, and has a unique way of creating things based on the personal preference of the drinker. Turner truly believes that it is not always about knowing a recipe, but being able to specifically tailor a drink to the needs of the consumer.

He goes to great lengths to provide unique liquor infusions, homemade bitters, specialty flavoring syrups, and general knowledge as to why things are, and how they are made.

Interesting Facts:

Turner loves giraffes
His favorite drink is the Shot of Tequila – no training wheels.
Currently majoring in Statistics, minoring in Computer Science